Top 10 BarCode News Articles of 2012: What's Hot

Year 2012Now that everyone's had a chance to recover from their Labor Day festivities and get back to work, we thought you might like an update on what's been popular on The BarCode News so far this year.

With half of the top ten articles relating to QR codes, it looks like these quirky 2D bar codes aren't disappearing from the landscape anytime soon. That said, here are the top ten most read stories for 2012.

1. Bar Code Industry Leaders Offer 2012 Predictions

Did you miss the 2012 predictions from our bar code industry experts? Find out what they had to say in this informative article.

2. Review: QR Code Reader Apps for iPhone

A review of three of the highest rated QR code iPhone apps, ShopSavvy, QRganize, and QRReader, shows how 2D bar code scanners can help consumers save money.

3. QR Code Temporary Tattoos Help Keep Children Safe

Wish you had a better way to keep your kids safe, especially when you get separated in large public places? Try the SafetyTat, a combination temporary tattoo and 2D bar code that will bring them back to you safely.

4. 360 Scanners Revolutionize Checkout With High-Speed Automatic Scanning

360 bar code scannerWhile these revolutionary scanners aren't here quite yet (at least in the United States), the time for automatic scanners at checkout will be here before you know it.

5. 1D Barcode Scanners: A User-based Review

Hunting for a bar code scanner? Read this head-to-head review of Motorola's LS1203, Honeywell’s Voyager 1200g, and Intermec’s SG10T from a group of end-users. You'll find a handy comparison chart at the end listing features for all three.

6. Bar Codes Deserve Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Craig Aberle, the publisher of The BarCode News thinks bar codes don't get enough of it, but suggests that bar code technology can change the world. And George Clooney's gonna help! 

7. Mobile QR Codes + Social Networking = Marketing “OOMPH”

How are marketers integrating QR codes into their promotions? See how a dietary supplement and wellness company launched a mobile bar code-enabled campaign.

8. QR codes for Valentine’s Day Make Messages Even Sweeter

Valentine's Day QR codesEven though Valentine's Day is still a few months off, you can still start planning what you'll say to your sweetheart by creating a "sweet" QR code.

9. Create Bar Code Mailing Labels With OpenOffice

Need to create bar code mailing labels without spending a lot on fancy software? Use OpenOffice, open source software that will do the job.

10. Using QR Codes to Swap Contact Info Virtually

Looking for a way to dump those paper business cards? Check out two smart phone apps (for Android and iPhone) that allow you to exchange business cards virtually.

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