LINE Pay to Issue Prepaid LINE Pay Card Accepted at 30MM Affiliates Worldwide

pay0101"LINE Points" Reward Program for LINE Platform Also Launched - 2% Rebate Offered on LINE Pay Card Purchases

Tokyo, Japan – March 24, 2016 – LINE Corporation announced an expansion of its LINE Pay services, providing an easy cashless method of completing transactions. The new services include LINE Pay Card, a prepaid card allowing conventional purchases at the register, and LINE Points, a point system that rewards users for using various LINE services.

LINE aims to reduce the inconveniences of cash transactions through accessible, free service, in hopes of closing the distance between sellers and customers. LINE hopes to become a leader in the FinTech industry as the world moves increasingly towards cashless modes of sale.

The following services were announced at "LINE Conference Tokyo 2016."

1.Expansion of Mobile Money Transfer and Payment Service LINE Pay Through New Deposit and Payment 

LINE Pay Corporation, subsidiary of LINE Corporation, allows customers to send and receive money with other LINE users, and offers simple alternatives for making purchases and payments at affiliated vendors and stores. LINE Pay will continue to enhance the convenience of its “smartphone wallet” service for LINE's 68 million users, with more deposit and payment methods, as well as more participating locations.

Adding Money to LINE Pay: Expanded Bank Partnerships

In addition to five major metropolitan banks, LINE Pay is expanding its partnerships with regional banks across Japan as well as with direct banks, aiming to build an environment where users can easily add money to their card anywhere for free.

(Currently Partnered Banks)

 BTMU, Mizuho, Resona, SMBC, Saitama Resona

(Future Partnerships)

 Bank of Yokohama (starting April 1, 2016), Hyakugo Bank, Iyo Bank, Juroku Bank, Shiga Bank

 The launch of payment services with each partner will be announced individually.

Adding Money to LINE Pay: Auto Deposit Feature

As of March 24, 2016, users with a partnered bank account are now able to automatically have funds deposited from their bank accounts into their LINE Pay accounts when the latter falls below a set threshold via the new auto depositing feature.

Adding Money to LINE Pay: Deposit-Only Bank Account Through Japan Net Bank Partnership

 As of March 24, 2016, Japan Net Bank, Limited has begun offering users “deposit-only” accounts, allowing users to add money to their LINE Pay accounts from most domestic financial institutions. By sending money transfers to their deposit-only Japan Net Bank account, users can directly add money to their LINE Pay balance. These deposit-only accounts are organized under two new branches: “LINE Brown Branch” and “LINE Cony Branch.”

Payments: New Online Partners

LINE Pay is expanding both offline and online affiliate locations, with the goal of creating an environment where users can pay for anything through the service. Expanding affiliate online locations range from fashion outlets to digital content providers and home appliance stores.

New Online Affiliate Locations: Company name (Store/service name)

CyberAgent Inc. (Ameba), DO HOUSE Inc. (, DWANGO Co., Ltd. (Niconico), ISAO Corp. (Movie Full Plus), Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. (Joshin Net Shopping), Lionsfilm Ltd. (online gaming), Media Do Co., Ltd. (Comic Navi), NHN Comico Corp. (Hangame), PAPYLESS Co., Ltd. (Renta!), PCN Co. Ltd. (TeAmo), SHUEISHA Inc. (Flag Shop), Schoo Inc., ZITTO Inc. (Itsudemo-Shoten) (13 affiliates in total)

Payments: Partnering with Two Payment Service Providers to Broaden Payment Options on E-Commerce Sites

In order to increase the number of e-commerce sites that will accept payments through LINE Pay, partnership agreements have been made with SMBC GMO PAYMENT, Inc. and SoftBank Payment Service Corp. Individual announcements will accompany the start of each partnership.

Payments: Barcode Scanning for Offline Purchases

By scanning a LINE Pay barcode from the customer's smartphone screen at the register, participating physical retailers will soon be able to accept payments through LINE Pay. Support for Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. and VeriTrans Inc.'s*1 “AirREGI”*2 mobile payments are scheduled to begin in April. Stores implementing “AirREGI” payment systems will be able to accept payments through barcode scanning.

*1: This partnership is made through VeriTrans Inc.'s affiliate member, ECONTEXT Inc.

*2: A separate application is required to make mobile payments with LINE Pay through AirREGI.


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