Advantix Launches THINaër IoT Solution to Leapfrog RFID


Advantix announced the launch of THINaër real-time location services (RTLS). Advantix is the first Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) provider to add a complete IoT solution to bring new ways for clients to have instant insight and context to manage critical assets, inventory, and people in real time.

“We are shaping a new way for companies to manage their business,” said Bryan Merckling, CEO of THINaër. “Now we can bring a high degree of intelligence in locating assets and people that gives real-time data to decision makers in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, and oil and gas. Our cost-effective Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, combined with our adaptive intelligent IoT platform, plus predictive analytics will be able to rapidly deliver new insights and a solid ROI.”

THINaër RTLS leapfrogs RFID as a more affordable, faster-to-implement solution that makes existing assets smarter with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. BLE beacons have a battery life of up to six years and continuously provide status on temperature, humidity and shock. The proprietary platform can monitor thousands of locations and millions of beacons at once, while layering in additional structured as well as unstructured data, such as maintenance records. Advantix brings expertise in deploying, managing and monitoring mobile fleets of all sizes, as well as 24/7 services and support that is extensible to the Internet of Things. 

"Internet of Things intelligence requires having the right people and tools at the right place at the right time," says Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer of Blue Hill Research. "However, this aspirational goal has been difficult to manage because of the lack of connectivity, inventory management, and suitable analytics to predict supply and demand. Blue Hill believes that Advantix' launch of THINaër provides the IoT market with an important toolset for managing the real-time optimization of assets, data, utilization rates, and contextual location necessary to maximize the value of the Internet of Things."

About THINaër 
THINaër is an Advantix company that makes assets smart and connected. By hardening IoT technology for the enterprise, THINaër is shaping a new way for companies to gain context for understanding their business and managing their devices, objects and people in real time. THINaër delivers affordable RTLS beacon technology with a patent-pending SaaS platform and predictive analytics to provide a fast and affordable way for organizations to add any asset to the Internet of Your Things™. THINaër is a member of the IBM Watson ecosystem. | Twitter @thinaer

About Advantix 
Advantix is a global leader in innovative communications lifecycle management and is dedicated to improving efficiency and security while reducing overall administrative and telecom costs for businesses of all sizes. | Twitter @askadvantix 

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