Enterprise Barcode Labeling Software A Key Component for Global Food Supply Chain

teklynx retailBy Douglas Niemeyer, TEKLYNX Americas General Manager    

Barcodes are a necessity for the food and beverage industry - but given new and pending food safety regulations such as the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), Food Information for Consumers (FIC), and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), enterprise barcode label management software​ solutions reach beyond necessity and are quickly becoming a​n asset to, and key component of, the global food supply chain.

To drive improvements in supply chain efficiency, security, product traceability, and compliance, it is vital to choose a browser-based, integrated label software solution which integrates with food manufacturers and suppliers to help streamline barcode labeling operations.

Because most food manufacturers and processors operate multiple facilities, implementing a solution that allows companies to centrally manage hundreds of printers in multiple facilities from a browser-based interface is key. This also increases traceability critical to recall regulations required by FSMA. Risks associated with food (processing, shipping, manufacturing, growing, etc.) and regulations required by FSMA traceability and workflow enforcement are critical to streamline root cause analysis, but also in assisting with mitigation of risk.wiki farm pic

TEKLYNX’ enterprise solutions have resulted in the successes at many companies in the food and beverage industry, including Tyson Fresh Meat’s implementation of an enterprise barcode labeling system to support the labeling of its premium beef and pork products. Tyson Fresh Meats has experienced increased traceability and speed-to-market, a substantial reduction in manual labeling errors, and reduced shipping costs.

While food manufacturers and suppliers drive towards supply chain efficiency, security-related label concerns top their list because these issues can result in costly production downtime, shipping delays and revenue loss. Such concerns led Canada-based Oakrun Farm Bakery, a subsidiary of international specialty food business ARYZTA AG, to implement an enterprise barcode labeling system for its labeling operations. The bakery needed a new labeling solution that could support a growing number of users, increase label security and the efficiency of its label printing process, while ensuring continued compliance with new and emerging international food labeling regulations. The solution was able to eliminate Oakrun Farm Bakery’s leading cause of downtime, labeling errors.

Facing a growing number of industry regulations including the August 2016 enactment of the FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food rule, food manufacturers often require a barcode labeling solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, particularly when it comes to addressing food safety measures such as properly listing allergens and, when needed, executing a seamless food recall plan.

Sartori Company, a world renowned, award-winning cheese manufacturer struggled to generate labels with a single solution that would seamlessly integrate with its JD Edwards ERP system. The enterprise barcode labeling system that was implemented was able to fully integrate with Sartori’s ERP system, significantly reducing errors and ensuring absolute label accuracy. Full integration has also increased manufacturing productivity while significantly improving communication between quality control and warehousing teams who now share information through the system effectively.

More and more food and beverage companies are turning to enterprise barcode labeling software to streamline labeling operations to meet industry specific regulations now and into the future.


douglas niemeyer

Doug Niemeyer, TEKLYNX Amercias General Manager, is responsible for the success of TEKLYNX Americas’ business, its employees and resellers, while spearheading ongoing development of industry-leading solutions to help customers within the food logistics supply chain, and beyond, successfully run their businesses.


TEKLYNX Americas is a division of TEKLYNX International SAS, a fast-growing organization with barcode label design software implementations in more than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies including some of the most preeminent companies in the food industry including Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., Nestle, and Kraft Foods. Under Doug Niemeyer’s leadership as General Manager, TEKLYNX has extended its reach in the enterprise market as a global leader in barcode labeling software and a provider of solutions designed to help businesses increase efficiency and streamline operations while minimizing costs and mitigating risk due to manual process errors.


Farming Image source: WikiMedia Commons By David Wright


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