Infinite Peripherals Announces Technology Partnership​ - #NRF18​

NFC Contactless Ticketing Technology Set to Streamline Live Event Ticketing;
Partners conducted a successful pilot with MLB and the Oakland A's in September 2017 ahead of the first full implementation at the Society for Performing Arts in Houston

IRVINE, Calif. - Jan. 15, 2017 - Today, Infinite Peripherals has announced a partnership with to seamlessly integrate NFC contactless ticketing solutions for iPhone and Apple Watch users at live events, upgrading previous ticketing technology. After last fall's industry-first and successful test-pilot at the Oakland Athletics ballpark, the solution saw its full integration at the Society for Performing Arts in Houston, which has presented more than 1,000 performances of the world's finest music, dance, and theater events. Infinite Peripherals and will continue to deliver this next generation technology integration to additional partners across Major League Baseball and other venues around the world.

To see the technology in action, visit Infinite Peripherals' at NRF booth #3652.

As digital ticketing continues to evolve, including mobile tickets without barcodes utilizing NFC contactless technology, the partnership lays the groundwork for a secure, flexible future of the ticketing industry. Infinite Peripherals and aim to empower both content-owners and their patrons in a new way, enabling a smarter and safer way to attend live games, shows, concerts and more.

The NFC solution integrates Infinite Peripherals' Infinea Mobile Point-of-Sale(r) (mPOS) and Infinea Bluepad product lines with technology enabling iPhone and Apple Watch users to gain access to live events using contactless passes or tickets in Apple Wallet. Users will also be able to access Auto-Presentation features for single or multiple passes, where tickets will automatically be identified via NFC on the mPOS terminal, even when a smart device is locked.

In addition, the new application works to instantly validate the use of real tickets versus counterfeits. Infinite Peripherals worked closely with to integrate with their new proprietary Alfred solution to create a custom program that can automatically confirm the validity of a ticket or pass using's unique identifier, whether they are scanned, manually entered, or read via NFC.

"Contactless technology is rapidly transforming the way we process various forms of transactions and it's only fitting that we start to bring this seamless experience to live events," said Jose Vidal, V.P. Global Sales at Infinite Peripherals. "With our innovative technology in collaboration with, fans, concert goers, and theater lovers will enjoy a fun, frictionless experience with their iPhone and Apple Watch when attending shows."

"Partnering with Infinite Peripherals, was able to develop and deploy an Enterprise access control solution, leveraging its own infrastructure as well as Infinite Peripherals hardware and software teams and expertise," said Derek Argobright, Chief Technology Officer, "The end result was a solution that could securely read and scan digital tickets in a new way, utilizing contactless passes on iPhone and Apple Watch without the traditional form of barcodes. We are really proud of the collaboration and believe that ultimately the solution will create a fun, frictionless experience for every patron."

Come stop by Infinite Peripherals booth at NRF (#3652) to learn more about the partnership and see the technology in action. To schedule an appointment, please contact Sharon Runyon, Director of Marketing at Infinite Peripherals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about the integration visit Infinite Peripherals.ustralia. For more information please visit

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