New Microsoft Industry Experience Center Showcases Digimarc Platform

BEAVERTON, Ore., Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) announced that several applications of its Platform are featured in the newly designed Microsoft Industry Experience Center (IEC) in Redmond, Washington, and the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Munich, Germany, recently reopened for enterprise customers. Both locations showcase the Digimarc Platform in the retail section of the exhibit, featuring Digimarc Barcode for Packaging and Thermal Labels and Digimarc scanning software integrated into Microsoft Windows 10. The two companies have a history of working together to improve retailer operational efficiency and increase consumer engagement with products, and now the partnership is on full, immersive display at Microsoft's regional headquarters.

Microsoft's IEC and MTC showcase Digimarc Platform-based solutions that deliver easier checkout, consumer engagement, inventory management, manufacturing quality control and an overall streamlined package journey though the retail supply chain. The heart of the Platform is Digimarc Barcode, a visually imperceptible data carrier that can be read by smartphones, point-of-sale scanners and other devices enabled with Digimarc Discover software.

"I'm pleased to have Digimarc on board for another exciting showcase on display in the retail and consumer goods area of our Microsoft Technology Center in Munich," said Xenia Giese, Industry Solution Executive Retail & Consumer Goods (Microsoft Deutschland GmbH). "The Digimarc Platform strikes a chord with the retail and consumer brands Industry, as the solutions it enables support the growth of efficiencies at checkout and in supply chain management."

Digimarc demos at the Microsoft IEC in Redmond include:

  • Connected Coffee: Digimarc Barcode-enabled coffee cups, or "connected cups," track a drink order and process fulfillment time, as well as provide customers additional content without the risk of a damaged thermal label from spillage.
  • Shelf-Edge Tags: Shelf-edge tags that incorporate Digimarc Barcode and enable a direct connection to shoppers at the point of decision. Developed with Vestcom, the industry leader in data-integrated shelf-edge solutions for retailers and consumer brands, the demonstration is an integration of Vestcom's @shelf product and Digimarc Barcode. Once shoppers scan the tag with their smartphones, they receive relevant content, such as personalized pricing, promotional offers and recipes to drive engagement and purchase. Store associates can also use mobile devices for improved inventory management, as well as to employ robots to scan shelves for planogram compliance, saving time and freeing up associates to help customers on the floor.
  • Flexible Pricing for Fresh Food: Digimarc Barcode for Thermal Labels provides retailers with dynamic pricing abilities on soon-to-be-expired fresh foods. With this capability, a grocery retailer can offer a progression of discounts on expiring foods instead of discarding them as waste and inventory shrink. Store associates scan Digimarc Barcode on thermal labels to see when the product will be expiring to adjust prices on-the-go, while the shopper can check expiration dates and other useful information by scanning the label with the retailer's app, Digimarc Discover, and other partner applications.

"The inclusion of the Digimarc Platform in Microsoft's experience centers is a testament of our strong Microsoft partnership and the growing value and maturity of our products," said Heidi Dethloff, vice president of marketing, Digimarc. "Retailers are seeking more operational efficiency and less friction for their shoppers. And the retail applications of the Digimarc Platform can help them address these goals. Visitors will find interactive displays that showcase the full capabilities of Digimarc in a variety of retail settings."

The Digimarc Platform enables an ecosystem of connected devices, such as smartphones, retail barcode scanners and machine vision systems to easily identify content of all kinds, based on GS1 standard data or proprietary information. Digimarc is working with leading retailers and consumer products companies to improve retail store operations and consumer engagement.

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