Tips For Using QR Codes Successfully - Infographic

Guest post by Unitag 
It's no secret. QR Codes are controversial. Advocates cite their benefits in marketing while detractors observed the undeniable fact that most people simply ignore them, at least in North America. The one thing most people agree on is QR Codes are everywhere these days. everyone knows about them.  

The fact is, when used correctly, they can be a powerful bridge to the digital world, and savvy marketers are finding new, more ingenious ways to use them every day.

If you are male, you probably recall the rather inventive Victoria’s Secret campaign which used a provocative reveal in the call to action (CTA) to show their new product on a Victoria’s Secret model. Since then, even more imaginative campaigns have been launched that make the most of QR Code technology. And these imaginative campaigns work.

Stats from Mobile Consumer Report by Vibes show 40% of smartphone owners have made unplanned purchases after scanning a QR Code. Well thought out campaigns that deliver value with a strong CTA can boost sales significantly and provide valuable metrics on the effectiveness of your marketing.

According to the latest Econsultancy report, QR Codes have become the first mobile channel ​used in the US to create meaningful, measurable interaction between brands and their customers. The report is supported by a study from Experian stating ​95% of mobile marketers in the US say QR Codes are effective or very effective.

It is now clear QR Codes have become an essential tool for serious marketers, big and small. The icing on the cake? They’re now very easy to create, even customize with your branding.

It is important to note that in order to be effective, QR Codes must be used properly.

Successful campaigns follow these three “golden rules”

Content is King: QR Codes must link to a mobile friendly page, ideally with relevant, targeted, and contextualized content.

User Experience is Vital: Use QR Codes as a creative tool and not merely as a link to the digital world. QR Codes should be customized, artistically embedded and integrated into visuals from the beginning, not added on as an afterthought.

Create a Compelling CTA: It is critically important to explain how and why the prospect should scan the code. A powerful, compelling call to action is essential if the campaign is to convert prospects into customers. (a CTA is a call-to-action)

The infographic below explains how to get the most out of this technology to create successful marketing campaigns.


unitag QR Code Power

About Unitag

Since its creation in 2011, the French startup Unitag has been focused on making Mobile Marketing accessible for everyone. Its platform is combining key mobile technologies in one single, easy to use tool including QR Codes, NFC, iBeacon image recognition, and SMS. ­

Campaigns can be set up, managed, edited and tracked online through the Unitag portal. With over 1.3 million users in more than 180 countries, Unitag’s platform now serves brands and businesses of any size, incl. Sephora, Spotify, Volvo, Publicis, etc.

About Unified Digital Solutions

Unified Digital is an event & mobile marketing optimization company. The Smart Event™ Program enables event holders and entrepreneurs to make more profit by leveraging technology to boost four Key Performance Indicators including conversion, retention, the average revenue per transaction/user, and the lifetime value of their clients.

The Digital Samurai™ program provides simple, effective, intuitive solutions that allow clients to  focus on their core strengths. It enables ideas, information, and data to be easily captured, managed and retrieved.

Try creating a QR campaign yourself at the Unitag website.


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