Why You Should Customize Your QR Code

qr roboBy Charlotte A. F. Farley

The arrival of smartphones allowed for the popularity of Quick Response codes—or QR codes for use outside of the automotive industry, where they originated.

If you are not sure what a QR code looks like, just look for a small square filled with black and white mottled squiggles inside of it that resembles traditional marble composition notebooks. You might find this on the side of the box of your morning cereal, the back of your favorite magazine, or a coupon in the Sunday paper inserts. In other words, the QR code is the little symbol that always asks you to scan for more information, for codes, and for chances to win. That’s the QR code.

How you can put a QR code to work for youqr sale

Simply stated, you can incorporate this into your ad campaigns: a QR code provides faster access to your website since consumers don’t have to type in your site address (oh, the drudgery and slow pace of typing!), and brings prospective customers further down the conversion funnel. Now, thanks to Denso-wave’s FrameQR technology, a small business owner can use this tiny Rorschach-looking code to your largest advantage.

What is FrameQR?

The FrameQR allows users to put an image inside of a QR Code. The code comes to you already customized for your business, and now you can take it a step further by incorporating your company logo, photo, or other graphic directly into the QR code. Talk about starting your branding efforts off on the right foot!

Maximizing on FrameQRqr burger

By placing a unique image onto your QR code, you up the advertising ante. Sure, other companies might have their QR codes on their business cards (and if you don’t, get started), but you can take the business card and code to a whole new level with a photo right on the code. You can use FrameQR along with other media (such as holograms) in order to add and obtain various information. The technology also allows you to choose a shape from a template, or you can choose your own shape and change the center location, size, and angle as needed. If you’re having a sale, extending a coupon offer, or offering a discount, you can place that text directly into the QR code via FrameQR, making your statement as bold and easy-to-access as can be. This not only improves your chances of conversion, but it also improves the user experience.

With FrameQR, your chances of using a QR code to bring a potential customer all the way from the code to the point of sale are higher than ever. Visit the Denso website to learn more about FrameQR.

Images courtesy of DENSO WAVE Incorporated

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