Winners Of RFID China Annual Awards at 2016 International IoT and Smart China Expo

Last week, China’s leading RFID/IoT media, Ulink Media, announced the winners of 2015 RFID China Annual Awards. Since 2007, RFID World Annual Awards has been being a grand event of RFID industry, attracting full attentions and participation within the industry (This year, with 150 participated RFID companies and 60,000 voters). Awarding Presentation Banquet for 2015 RFID World Award will be held during RFID World Conference 2016 China on April 7-8, at Shanghai.

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Tag Manufacturer

Tatwah Smartech

Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd 

Shenzhen Chuangxin Jia Smart Card Co., Ltd 

Xiamen Xindeco IOT Technology LtdCodetag

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Reader Manufacturer

Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jia Tong Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen VANCH  Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Andea Technology Co., Ltd

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for Active RFID Manufacturer

 ShangHai Super Ele&Tec Co.Ltd

ZTE Intelligent IOT Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Shenzhen Idiway Inc.

 Shenzhen Marktrace Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Aerospace Innotech Co., Ltd (HTRFID)

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Integrator

Aisino Corporation

ZTE Intelligent IoT Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shaanxi Fenghuo Communication Group Co.,LTD

Shanghai Sage Intelligent System Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Clou IoT Technology Co.,Ltd.

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Chip Manufacturer

Shanghai IoTelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

China Vision Microelectronic C0.,Ltd

 Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co., Ltd


2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Converter Manufacturer

Hubei Huaweike Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

 Shanghai YuKe Smart Technology Co.,Ltd

 Golden Spring Internet of Things Inc

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Startup

Jiangsu Tang Gan Technology Co. Ltd

Shanghai IoTelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Rice Microelectronics Inc. 

Anfudi Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Heng Xiang Zhi Chang Technology Co.,Ltd

2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID International Brand






ThingMagic Inc.





2015 RFID China Annual Awards for RFID Application

Smart Badge Project for "9.3" parade commemorative activities

(Shanghai UBIQUE.TAG Packing Materials Co.,Ltd)

RFID Supply Chain System for Heilan Home

(Xiamen Xindeco IOT Technology Ltd)

 Intelligent Food and Medicine Monitoring System in Inner Mongolia

(Aisino Corporation) 

Qstar-2A in Ford Auto Engine Manufacturing

(Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co., Ltd)

Digitalization of Water Heaters Plant of A.O. Smith

 (Zhejiang Junmp Technology Inc. Ltd.)

Lottery IoT System in Jiangsu Lottery Center

 (Wuxi Solong Information Paper Co.,LTD)

 RFID Ticket System in National Youth Games

(Silion Technology Co.,Ltd)

RFID System in Shanghai Subway

 (ShangHai Super Ele&Tec Co.Ltd)

Mobile Recharge Solution for Highway ETC of Beijing, Anhui, and Zhejiang

 (ACS Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd)

Yantain RFID Library System in Shenzhen

( Shenzhen SSIT Enterprise Co., Ltd) 

These leading Chinas RFID companies will exhibit their latest products and demonstrate their applications at the 8th Asia Smart Card and RFID Technologies Exhibition & 2016 ShenZhen International IoT and Smart China Exhibition (18-20, Aug Shenzhen), which is the largest and most comprehensive RFID/IoT event in Aisa.

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