Izenda Releases 7 Series™ of its Embedded Self-Service BI and Analytics Platform

Izenda’s 7 Series features the industry’s first modern three-tier embedded architecture that is modular, extensible, and scalable. The architecture shortens time to market and reduces the cost to integrate in software as a service (SaaS), Cloud, and on premise applications. The open and extensible architecture future proofs an organization’s investment in self-service analytics, as the platform can easily adopt and integrate new technologies. It also provides flexibility when integrating analytics into existing infrastructure and application workflows, which maximizes user adoption. Coupled with a new administrative user interface (UI) that makes set up and ongoing administration easier and lowers total cost of ownership, this makes Izenda an ideal solution for embedding BI and analytics.

“Izenda is pioneering the next generation of BI and analytics. Our platform is purpose-built for OEM use and embedding in business applications,” said Bill Curran, president and CEO, Izenda. “Our unique approach is the only solution in the industry that meets the needs of end users, business analysts, and software development teams.”

Izenda’s new administrative interface lets business analysts and other non-technical users provision, join, and secure data sources, as well as create and manage roles, security, and custom relationships between multiple data sources. Tenants can also be granted self-administration rights. Data source and field name aliasing can be done in the UI. A robust copy management functionality assists organizations to manage multitenant deployments quickly and efficiently.

“The ability to combine Izenda’s self-service analytics with our AgencyWeb® public safety workforce data provides Orion with a significant competitive advantage,” said Leslie DeLatte, president of Orion Communications. “Izenda is unique in its ability to help us empower our customers to create highly customized reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. Fast and easy to embed, Izenda’s flexibility and scalability is unmatched by other BI solution providers.”

The administrative UI minimizes developer involvement, speeds time to market and lowers total cost of ownership when compared to homegrown or other third party solutions. According to Wayne Eckerson, founder and principal, Eckerson Group, “The administrative UI empowers business analysts to manage the analytics platform and frees scarce developer time.”

Technical Features Making Izenda’s 7 Series an Industry First

An open source ReactJS front end provides unparalleled OEM integration opportunities and makes customization and white labeling easy. It is framework agnostic, allowing for embedding of the front end in Java, .NET, and other technology stacks. An exposed REST API makes automation and extension straightforward. Izenda can inherit existing security models and leverage tokens to remain stateless, even if the application is not. Pre-built components shorten integration and deployment time.

“Many solutions claim to offer ‘embedded’ options or capabilities. But their design and architecture requires developers to work extensively with APIs and code to integrate analytics into their software product. Most were designed to work as a stand-alone enterprise platform,” said Eckerson. “Izenda’s architecture enables software companies to embed all facets of its analytics platform, from creation and customization of reports and dashboards to management of user roles and permissions.”

Features of 7 Series, Purpose Built for OEM Use & Embedding

  • Intuitive report, dashboard, and data visualization creation for non-technical business users
  • Management of access to platform modules by tenant, role, and user
  • Self-administration capabilities for tenants
  • 100 percent white labeling
  • Hidden filters for row level security
  • Reports against MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Azure SQL, and Oracle databases, with support for additional data sources planned
  • A Fusion driver that enables real-time analytics from multiple data sources without a data warehouse.
  • In-memory data blending engine for cross-database reporting
  • Support for OEMs to leverage components and to build their own report parts and modules

Licensing and Availability

Izenda 7 Series is available today. Annual subscription licensing includes all platform modules and provides for unlimited distribution by OEMs. Additional product information is available at https://www.izenda.com.

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About Izenda

Izenda is an embedded self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose-built for software companies, solutions providers and their customers. Izenda integrates seamlessly in applications to deliver BI and analytics directly to the people who need it most – application end users who want to easily analyze, visualize, and share valuable data and insights in real time.

Based in Atlanta, Ga. and founded in 2007, Izenda is used by more than 10,000 organizations on a daily basis. For more information, visit https://www.Izenda.com.


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