Bluvision Launches World’s First Tamper-proof Bluetooth Beacon at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2017

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluvision, a part of HID Global, ( the leading provider of software-based Real-Time Location Solutions [RTLS] and leaders in sensor beacons, today announced the world's first Bluetooth beacon that is tamper proof. BEEKs™ Mini Tamper Proof, is the only Bluetooth beacon that allows for tracking of high value assets, while resolving the issue that plagues many asset tracking solutions, i.e. the ability for the tracking technology to be removed from the asset.  This anti-theft protection provides real-time alarms through Bluvision's Bluzone Cloud when the beacon is removed or tampered with.  Bluvision's Tamper-proof beacon

Bluvision's Tamper-proof beacon

What makes the BEEKs™ Mini Tamper Proof highly desirable as a solution for tracking high value assets is the pairing of the tamper-resistant capabilities with the physical size of the beacon. At the size of two quarters, the BEEKs™ Mini Tamper Proof is uniquely suited to mount on a variety of assets from computers, medical equipment, and high value tools, where there is a requirement for discrete size and small footprint. As with the rest of the BEEKs™ suite, BEEKs™ Mini Tamper Proof is IP 67, can be configured with several sensors including an accelerometer for vibration and a sensor for temperature monitoring.

BEEKs™ Mini Tamper Proof beacon is also the latest addition to HID Global's Tamper Tag portfolio following HID's RFID Tamper tag which was released earlier this year.

 "Bluvision's Tamper Proof beacon is a continuation in our commitment to provide solutions and products that address real-world business problems using simple, innovative features," said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO, Bluvision. "The added capability allows for industries including healthcare, military & defense, and manufacturing to not only track high-value assets with great accuracy, but to also understand when the assets are being tampered with."

The recently released BEEKs™ Mini line of sensor beacons addresses the industry needs for a smaller form factor, and lower cost beacons.

Visit us at the HID Global Booth #19 at the RFID Journal LIVE, Europe 2017 in London, November 16, for more information. To order BEEKs™ Tamper Proof, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our website at

About Bluvision
Bluvision's end-to-end IoT platform which consists of sensor beacons, Bluetooth to WiFi gateways (BluFis) and the Bluzone cloud solution, is built to scale to millions of connected units (or objects) and manage and monitor networks of tens of thousands of assets. Bluvision's real-time location system is used for tracking assets with industry-leading accuracy with features, including heat maps, geofences and flexible policy creation. Bluvision uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and telemetry data to determine equipment health and enable proactive maintenance actions. (

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