The Unitech PA726 on Android 7.1 Offers 1D/2D Scanning

Cypress, California - April  2018 - Take your work everywhere. The incredibly portable Unitech PA726 mobile computer was made to tackle heavy workloads and tough environments with ease. pa726lowres

This innovative handheld proves itself invaluable, doing much of your on-the-go legwork for you. Engineered with a durable outer case and materials, the PA726 survives drops to concrete and other hard surfaces, And after it takes a beating, it is guaranteed to work after a 5-foot fall, or up to 6-feet with optional bumpers.

A roadrunner fast 64-bit Octa-Core processor means your
apps and data operate quickly, so you can keep moving and
working. Built on the reliable Android 7 operating system, your
data collection and work applications are secure on the eye-catching and user-friendly platform.

A fully integrated 1D/2D scanner reads barcodes with dual scanning buttons while edging out the competition with the highest resolution camera in the industry at 16 megapixels. Images are captured in crisp, vibrant clarity while 32 GB flash memory gives you plenty of storage.

“This is one of our most versatile devices because of its speed, form factor, and app management efficiency” says Scott Chung, president of Unitech America, tadding “data collection is faster and you will notice a big difference in apps running faster on the Android 7 platform.”

The PA726 is ideal for retail, warehousing, and logistics and transportation applications and is well suited for department store and package delivery scanning.

Pricing & Availability

The PA726 is available now and priced at $ 1,690 MSRP. Please contact your sales manager for full details.

About Unitech

With over 30 years of automatic data capture experience, Unitech America provides a diverse selection of enterprise devices to suit every need and budget. We offer unmatched US-based service and support along with comprehensive warranties.

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