SATO Launches StoreAdvise to Focus on Intelligent Technology-based Solutions

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SATO, a global provider of auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, has launched StoreAdvise, designed to help retailers use the latest technology and services to automate the store and improve the customer experience.

The organization will offer intelligent software-based retail solutions and services that help retailers refine the in-store shopper experience, improve store operations and increase visibility into inventory, store performance and customer behaviors.

“The physical retail store has proven to be as important as the digital channel. We recognize that retailers are investing heavily in in-store technology to improve brand loyalty and we’re uniquely qualified to offer the latest in services and solutions,” said Keith Sherry, CEO, StoreAdvise. “StoreAdvise solutions are designed by leading retail technologists to uncover and expand a retailer’s value, enabling stores to function more effectively and profitably while offering a better experience.”

StoreAdvise will focus its software development and offerings in two primary areas: Retail Analytics, designed to uncover actionable insights within data, and Retail Operational Efficiencies, which includes tools for task management and automation that are designed to improve store performance. The company will market Vision Retail, a software platform that connects retail consumers, employees and products throughout the retail journey in a way that improves operational efficiencies.

The company will recommend, design and deploy tailored solutions leveraging Vision Retail and complementary hardware such as IoT, RFID, barcode, labeling and more from SATO and third-party partners. By integrating and connecting various store systems, StoreAdvise will allow retailers to collect and access robust data-driven insights and improve performance.

“StoreAdvise is well positioned to expand our product and service offerings for retail. We have identified 44,000 stores in the U.S. that can utilize and benefit from our expertise,” said Dan Natale, vice president of customer engagement, StoreAdvise. “We are currently developing relationships with retailers that will fuel our continued growth.”

About StoreAdvise

StoreAdvise is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with a satellite office in Florida. More information is available at


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