Janam's Portable Computers Now Certified For Century Software’s TinyTERM Enterprise Mobile App

TinyTERM enables enterprise-grade terminal emulation on Janam mobile computers

 WOODBURY, New York – November 8, 2018 - Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, announced today that its newest rugged mobile computers are technically certified to run Century Software’s TinyTERM Enterprise mobile application.

TinyTERM Enterprise enables organizations to easily transition from legacy handheld mobile computers to multi-function Android devices without any changes to back-end systems. Combining highly configurable secure terminal emulation with an industrial web browser, TinyTERM makes it quick and easy to deploy purpose-built rugged mobile computers that require access to legacy hosts or web applications in modern Android environments.

·         Century Software has certified Janam’s Android-powered XG3XG200XM75XT2/XT2+ and XT100 rugged mobile computers, as well as the XG3 running Windows Embedded Handheld, to ensure interoperability with its TinyTERM Enterprise software.

·         TinyTERM Enterprise provides an intuitive user interface and enables mobile workers to access UNIX and IBM host data and applications on Janam’s rugged mobile computers.

·         TinyTERM Enterprise supports automatic screen translation of legacy ‘green screen’ applications into modern web-style graphics, enabling more efficient deployments and reducing user training time.

·         With extensive barcode scanning and on-screen keyboard features, including screen-sensitive customized keyboards, keyboard swiping and scan-code completion functions, TinyTerm Enterprise enables fast and accurate data entry to maximize productivity in the field.

·         Based on SSH, SSL and TLS protocols, TinyTERM Enterprise offers strong encryption, cross-platform interoperability and secure user authentication to keep business-critical data private, safe and secure.

Harry B Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies  - “As organizations look to transition from older devices to more modern, industrial-grade, rugged mobile computers, extending the value of their previous technology investments is critical. Janam’s relationship with Century Software establishes a bridge between existing and new technology and modernizes outdated ‘green screen’ applications to increase productivity and enhance the user experience.”

Gregory Haerr, CEO, Century Software - “Century Software’s enterprise-grade feature set combined with our focus on providing quick-turnaround custom software modifications for our customers will allow Janam and Century to provide a superior solution in accounts requiring legacy access and rugged Android reliability.”

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