Axicon Celebrates 40 Years of Barcoding Success

Axicon Auto ID Ltd, one of the longest established manufacturers of barcode verifiers, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019.  With a strong presence in both North and South America, Axicon has designed and manufactured barcode verifiers that are used globally to ensure that barcodes will scan the first time, every time.

“We began making our own verifiers in the 1980s, with our major competitors being based in the USA and Germany”, explains Martin Morrison, managing director of Axicon.  “Since then we have been involved in the development of international barcode verification standards, as well as developing new models of verifier that make checking barcode quality as consistent and repeatable as possible.”

Axicon’s verifiers are used to check the quality of printed barcodes on all levels of product packaging, from retail point-of-sale items and outer cases to logistics units, as well as the 2D barcodes used on healthcare and pharmaceutical items that incorporate expiry dates, batch numbers and unique serial numbers to prevent counterfeiting.  The data shown in the barcodes can also be checked for accuracy and relevance.

“Barcodes are all about achieving fast and accurate identification of products throughout their supply chains, and using verifiers means that manufacturers can monitor and measure their barcode production quality to international standards.  Axicon’s aim is to make the best verifiers, and our customers seem to think that we already do,” added Martin Morrison.

Axicon was the first company to use CCD sensors in their verifiers to improve accuracy and reliability, and this approach has been adopted by all other verifier manufacturers.  Axicon’s customers include multinational manufacturers and retailers, with a growing number of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

About Axicon Auto ID -  Axicon is the only UK manufacturer of barcode verifiers, and has developed and manufactured its own verifiers since 1989.  Axicon barcode verifiers are used across the globe and are fully compliant with the international ISO/IEC standards for both linear and matrix bar codes.  These verifiers are used to measure the quality of printed barcodes, on all levels of product packaging. 

Axicon develops, manufactures and maintains its range of barcode verifiers at the company headquarters, in the UK, near Oxford.  The verifiers are distributed through a network of international partners across the globe, and its clients include major manufacturers and retailers worldwide.  Visit their website at