FASTechnology Receives U.S. Patent for Unique, Individual, Scannable QR Codes

FASTechnology Group, a leader in packaging machinery & integration, personalized marketing technology and industrial control systems, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a patent, (No. US 2015-0102100 A1), for their database systems and methods for consumer packaged goods.

The patent covers a system for handling product packages for use with a QR code-scanning device and includes a package-handling device and a printer that prints unique, individual, scannable QR codes on each package. The system also includes a database that stores data records of package parameters, linked to one, non-sequential URL; an enabler configured to link to the printer to generate the individual QR codes; a loader configured to link to the enabler and the portals to the database for adding package parameters and accessing package information.

“Receiving the PACKprint patent is an important milestone for our company and the industry,” says Joe Hattrup, President and CEO of FASTechnology Group. “With PACKprint, the drive for personalized customer engagement is now affordable and accessible to all companies, regardless of size or location."

About FASTechnology Group
FASTechnology Group is a leader in packaging machinery & integration, personalized marketing & communication and industrial control systems & automation that benefit many different organizations across various business sectors.

FASTechnology Group knows packaging equipment and the need for efficient integration. Their team of design engineers, software developers, technicians and field support experts can design new packaging systems or modify existing production lines to meet specific needs.

PACKprint, the personalized marketing and communication platform, uses digital technology that enables retailers and brand owners to develop and deploy relevant information directly to consumers in a quick, easy and customizable way. Marketers can reach consumers directly through packaging or POS to drive sales and campaigns or manage recalls and product traceability through their cost effective technology.

FASTechnology has also developed and delivered more than 1,000 industrial control systems integration and turnkey custom automation solutions. Their seasoned engineers and programmers have core expertise in drive controls, vision inspection, high-integrity product tracking, route-sequenced palletization, and automated route sequencing.

Specialties: Packaging Machinery & Integration, Personalized / Serialized Marketing with PACKprint Technology, Industrial Controls and Automation, High Speed Industrial Control Systems, Variable Printing and Digital Marketing, Digimarc Solutions Provider.  Read more


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