Delaware Alcohol Tobacco Enforcement Equips Officers With Intellicheck’s Law ID

Officers Gain Instant Access to Vital Information

MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Intellicheck's (NYSE AMERICAN: IDN) Law ID® is being used by Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) agents across the state to enhance enforcement capabilities with instant access to essential information. DATE enforcement agents are using the leading SaaS technology solution on smartphones to scan bar coded information on driver licenses and other forms of identification to spot altered and fake IDs preventing underage access to alcoholic beverages and tobacco. At the same time, Law ID automatically makes inquiries to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), state databases containing state and local status, and resident state DMV data to determine if there are outstanding legal or administrative issues with the individual in question. Law ID provides immediate access to potentially critical information through Nlets, the premiere International Justice and Public Safety Network.  intellicheck-barcode-dot-com

Once a driver’s license or other identification is determined to be authentic, DATE officers, like their law enforcement colleagues throughout the state, typically run additional checks to determine whether there are any outstanding issues associated with the individual including whether the person is wanted in Delaware or by another state. By simultaneously running these inquiries from the data extracted from the original barcode scan, Law ID provides a new level of speed and efficiency, eliminating the delays and potential dangers associated with returning to police vehicles to run time consuming queries.

Headquartered in Dover, Delaware, DATE agents are certified police officers in the State of Delaware. Agents have statewide jurisdiction and arrest powers, which gives them full authority to enforce all laws of the State of Delaware, including liquor, drug, criminal and traffic statutes. In addition to enforcing alcohol and tobacco control laws and checking all establishments that sell these age restricted products, DATE’s mission includes the need to maintain the highest state of preparedness for responding to threats against homeland security.

DATE becomes the first law enforcement agency in the state of Delaware to use Law ID. The milestone achievement follows the technology solutions’ network integration in Delaware and its success in becoming operational at the Network Operations Center (NOC) of Nlets, the primary mechanism for interstate law enforcement data exchange for 50 years.

“We are very excited to welcome DATE as our first partner in the state of Delaware. This is an important step forward in our plans to serve law enforcement agencies in Delaware and in states across the country. Law ID is a real game changer that allows law enforcement users to confidently confront the challenges they face daily and better protect themselves and the communities they serve. We look forward to announcing many new partnerships in the near future,” said Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis.

Law ID enables law enforcement personnel to quickly view highlighted query responses during an encounter. In addition to identification authentication, query responses include wanted person information, gang involvement, known or suspected terrorist data, violent felon information and other person-related records in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases. Photos of encountered subjects are also included, where made available by the states, as well as search results of an individual’s driver license. Officers can also obtain vehicle registration data as well as check whether items officers encounter such as weapons, articles, vehicles, boats, and license plates are reported stolen.

About Intellicheck NYSE American: IDN Intellicheck is a trusted industry leader in technology solutions that provide real-time identification authentication and age verification. We make it possible for our clients to enhance safety and awareness, increase revenues, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. Founded in 1994, Intellicheck has grown to serve dozens of Fortune 500 companies including retail and financial industry clients, police departments, national defense clients at agencies, major seaports, and military bases, and diverse state and federal government agencies. For more information on Intellicheck, visit 

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